Early Ecclesiology

The Following are articles I’ve written along with Called to Communion’s response. For those interested in working through my thoughts on early Christian ecclesiology in Rome, the below resources are a great way to start and CtC’s response provides another perspective. When I finish posting all of “The Paradigmatic Bishops of History” I will include that in a fully linked article below as well.

The Paradigmatic Bishops of History Outline:

I. Agreement: Definitions and Preliminary Principles

II. Methodology and Critique

III. The Paradigmatic Bishops of History-Brandon’s Narrative

IV. The Paradigmatic Bishops of History- Canonical

V. The Paradigmatic Bishops of History- Extra Canonical


B. Ignatius

C. Polycarp

D. Shepherd of Hermas

E. Justin Martyr

VI. Bishops Lists

A. Hegesippus

B. Irenaeus

VII. Fractionation

A. Peter Lampe

B. Allen Brent

C. Fractionation and House Churches

D. Conclusion

VIII. Responding to the Evaluative Summary

A. Evaluation

B. Original Challenge and Authority

C. Apostolic Succession

IX. Concluding Thoughts


Summary of Peter Lampe’s “From Paul to Valentinus“:


My initial article at Called to Communion is here:

The Quest for the Historical Church: A Protestant Assessment

Called To Communion’s Response:

The Bishops of History and the Catholic Faith: A Reply To Brandon Addison