A riposte to David Anders

David Anders recently posted here,

Calvin, as you know, argued from “divine feelings” to the divine authority of Scripture…[Michael Kruger] makes use of the notion of proper basicality and argues that knowledge of the canon is simply implanted in us immediately by God…Kruger denies that there is any evidence for his position at all. He just knows it to be true and you will too, if you are elect.

I cite this to point out two things.  First, Dr. Anders does not make a substantive argument with citations; instead, he makes broad characterizations about Calvin and Kruger’s grounding of the authority of Scripture. Such a methodology is certainly not exhaustive enough to provide sustained discussion and runs the risk of caricature. Second, David has not accurately represented Canon Revisited.  David’s terse statements makes it difficult to disambiguate what “his position” means, but Kruger presents evidence for the self-authenticating model throughout the book and also emphasizes that “evidence” plays an important role in confirming the canon.

David’s truncated approach leaves no room for nuance or substance. Debate surrounding the self-authentication of Scripture is important. Let’s adopt a methodology that allows that debate to take place with clarity and charity.


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